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5microns designs, develops, characterizes, and manufactures microsystems. As engineers, we understand your application and successfully implement it as reliable and flexible microsystem technologists. Our experienced team supports you in all aspects of your technology project. We stand by your side as a technological one-stop-shop in every project phase with expertise – from the initial idea to series production.

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Quality, Efficiency, and Support

At the Highest Level

At 5microns, we offer an extensive service portfolio around the design and manufacturing of microsystems. Our focus is on careful planning and customized solutions to meet your requirements. Our expertise ranges from process development to series production. In all phases of your project, we provide comprehensive support.

At a Glance
  • Access to microtechnologies for small and medium-sized companies
  • Planning and concept development for technically feasible and economical solutions
  • Flexible implementation of prototypes and customized processes with high quality and cost efficiency
  • Expertise in microtechnologies, materials, training, and individual solutions from prototypes to series production

Design of Microsystems

Our service portfolio begins with the design of microsystems. At 5microns, we place great emphasis on careful planning because we know that the key to the successful realization of your ideas lies in the design process. Our engineers thoroughly engage with your application to develop concepts that are technically feasible and economically sensible. We aim for reliable, demand-oriented, and flexible solutions that meet your requirements.

Development of Cleanroom Processes

Our expertise extends deeply into process development for cleanroom processes and semiconductor technologies. It’s not just about applying processes, but also about their development and perfectionization. Each application is unique, so at 5microns, we develop both single processes and customized process sequences that meet your specific needs. Every process is carefully planned and optimized to ensure that the results meet your quality standards.

First Sample Production

Our first sample production implements the processes developed for your microsystem, which are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our flexibility allows us to build prototypes precisely according to your specifications. Prototype construction is a crucial step to verify and demonstrate the feasibility of your project. Our first sample production is aimed at realizing your prototypes with high quality as quickly as possible while keeping an eye on the costs.

Microsystems on Your Behalf

We are your reliable partner for customized microsystems. From conception to manufacturing, we provide comprehensive support. Our experts collaborate with you for your success.

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Characterization of Microsystems

A thorough characterization of the manufactured microsystems is crucial. Our technicians conduct precise tests and comprehensive evaluations to ensure that your microsystems meet your requirements. This includes checking the process outcome as well as detailed analysis of sensors and prototypes. Quality assurance is an essential part of our services, where we use state-of-the-art technology to achieve the highest standards.


We manufacture from a quantity of one up to small series, always emphasizing consistently high quality and efficiency. At 5microns, we are ready to accompany your projects in every phase to ensure they are implemented successfully and cost-efficiently. This also applies to the transition to mass production.

Support Across the Board

We are your partner for comprehensive support in the field of microtechnologies. Whether it’s about technologies, processes, materials, partnerships, raw materials, or scaling considerations: we stand by your side with our knowledge and experience. We understand your challenges and work together with you on the best solutions. Our team is also available for training and seminars.

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Innovative solutions, technical expertise, and comprehensive support – 5microns is your reliable partner for microsystem technologies. Contact us to work together on tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements.

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5microns offers a comprehensive range of services that includes the design, process development, microfabrication, characterization of microsystems, small-scale series production, and transition to large-scale mass production.

At 5microns, great emphasis is placed on careful planning and intensive engagement with customer requirements to develop technically feasible and economically sensible solutions. The goal is to provide reliable, flexible, and demand-oriented solutions.

The characterization of microsystems is crucial as it involves precise tests and comprehensive evaluations to ensure that the manufactured microsystems meet the requirements and adhere to the highest quality standards.

5microns is capable of producing from a quantity of one up to small series. For large-scale production, we are happy to transfer scalable manufacturing processes to partners in our network who specialize in mass production.

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