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180+ Customers Across Various Industries

Microsystem Technology for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

5microns specializes in designing, developing, characterizing, and manufacturing microsystems from concept to volume production. As engineers, we understand your application and successfully implement it with reliable and flexible microsystem technology. As a technology service provider, we enable your SME to access a variety of microtechnologies.

We support both first-time users and specialists from initial consultation through design and prototyping or small batch production to scaling up for mass production or establishing your own manufacturing resources. We are readily available to assist your project with advice and action. Feel free to contact us for the joint development of concepts to solve your specific problems.

Bracket with silicon wafer in the ZMN clean room

Our Services

Design of Microsystems: Custom solutions for your requirements

Development and Characterization of MEMS Prototypes

Microfabrication and Wafer Processing: Precision technology for your microsystems

Consultation Throughout the Product Lifecycle: From concept to production

Our Services

Selection of Our Microtechnologies


UV Lithography
Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL)
Laser Direct Writing
Photoresist coatings

Wet Etching

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF or BOE)
Metal Etchers

Dry Etching

Sputter Etching
HF Vapor


PVD (Sputtering and Evaporation)
Reactive Sputtering


Wafer Dicing
Wire Bonding
Thermo-compression Bonding


Optical and Tactile Profilometry
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Our Technology Portfolio

Microsystems on Your Behalf

We are your reliable partner for customized microsystems. From conception to manufacturing, we provide comprehensive support. Our experts collaborate with you for your success.

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3D view of a microsystem

What Our Customers Say

Innovative solutions, technical expertise, and comprehensive support – 5microns is your reliable partner for microsystem technologies. This is also confirmed by our customers and our network.

Anke Siegmeier

“5microns is a very professional, solid, down-to-earth yet young and dynamic company with a high service orientation. Everything is always reliable and prompt – that’s how I’ve come to know the team at 5microns.”

Dr. Frank Rottmann

“From my perspective, 5microns has the tremendous advantage of having the think tank of TU Ilmenau at its back, maintaining that exciting spirit of new beginnings, and having access to cleanrooms. – If I’m looking for a modern microsystem technology implementation, I’m in excellent hands with 5microns GmbH.”

Matthias Imboden

“We had a great experience with 5microns. Thanks to their ‘Can Do’ approach, work gets done reliably, which is essential when developing a new process. They are professional, flexible, and transparent, leading us to the desired results in a short time. I look forward to continuing our collaboration with 5microns in the future.”

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Dipl.-Ing. Lars Dittrich

5microns GmbH
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98693 Ilmenau

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