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About 5microns

Specialists in Microsystems Technology

5microns GmbH offers a comprehensive range of engineering and technology services from initial conception to mass production of microsystems (MEMS). We are your partner for the development and production of customized microsystems.

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Our Passion

Founded in 2014 by five industry-experienced graduates from TU Ilmenau, 5microns specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative microsystems. Our focus is on providing customized, technically and economically optimized solutions.
We offer expertise in cleanroom processes and semiconductor technologies, create custom prototypes and samples, and conduct comprehensive characterization of systems. Our manufacturing starts from single units and extends to large-scale production.

At a Glance
  • 5microns was founded in 2014, specializing in the development, design, and small-batch production of microsystems, including miniaturized sensors.
  • At 5microns, we offer an extensive portfolio of services related to the design and manufacturing of microsystems.
  • 5microns provides access to advanced microsystems technology and acts as a bridge between research and industry.
  • Additionally, 5microns develops innovative products like the E-PunCh micro pump and is involved in research projects and the education of young scientists.

Experts in Semiconductor Technologies

With a team of highly qualified employees mainly from mechanical engineering, mechatronics, technical physics, and electrical engineering, 5microns utilizes the excellent technological facilities of the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (ZMN) at TU Ilmenau. This close collaboration allows 5microns to offer its clients—from small and medium-sized enterprises to research institutions and global players—access to cutting-edge technologies in electronics and microsystem manufacturing.

Bridge Between Research and Industry

The founders of 5microns, including Lars Dittrich and Dr. Boris Goj, recognized the need to bridge the gap between research institutions and industry. Using the modern cleanroom with over 1200 m² of laboratory space at the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (ZMN) of TU Ilmenau, which is utilized by 5microns under the shared-lab principle, we enable the development and production of innovative microsystems. Thanks to our close partnership with TU Ilmenau, we can effectively translate cutting-edge research into customized solutions. 5microns has established itself as a reliable partner for clients worldwide and as a key player in the Thuringian technology sector.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Specialization in Microsystems Technology (MEMS)
  • Access to a state-of-the-art cleanroom with a broad technology portfolio
  • Customized solutions and bespoke manufacturing
  • Focus on tailored process development

Cleanroom at the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (Shared Lab)

The ZMN offers a platform for interdisciplinary research and technological services available to both university disciplines and industry. 5microns provides medium-sized companies access to Germany’s only DFG equipment center for micro-nano integration. This cooperation allows 5microns to draw on the full technological range of microsystems technology, which is crucial for the development of cleanroom processes and prototypes, as well as market-ready innovations in semiconductor technologies. For your projects, we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality, IP protection, and compliance with safety standards.

Innovative Products and Services

5microns actively engages in research, especially in funded cooperative projects, also in collaboration with various disciplines at TU Ilmenau. An example of our innovative strength is the development of the E-PunCh micro pump, an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution that operates without mechanical components and can be produced at the wafer level. This pump is particularly suitable for applications in medical technology, the food industry, and other fields where precise dosing is critical.

Commitment to Research and Education

5microns is not only active in the development and production of microsystems but also participates in research projects and promotes young scientists. The managing directors are involved in teaching at TU Ilmenau and as lecturers in industrial master training programs.


We are actively involved in a variety of leading networks and initiatives. Through our engagement in these networks, we actively participate in interdisciplinary dialogue and promote collaboration between industry, research, and education. Our significant partnerships include:

5microns as Your Technological One-Stop-Shop

5microns provides comprehensive access to cleanroom technologies, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. We design, develop, characterize, and manufacture microsystems using technologies from lithography, wet & dry etching, coating, backend processes, and analytics. With an eye for detail, we are available for your project. Contact us for customized microsystem solutions.

Lars Dittrich
Dipl.-Ing. Lars Dittrich

5microns GmbH
Margarethenstr. 6
98693 Ilmenau

Phone: +49 3677-799639-0
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Collaborating with 5microns means access to cutting-edge research and advanced microsystems technology. We provide individual consulting and support from conception to production to develop customized microsystem solutions for you.

5microns specializes in providing small and medium-sized enterprises with access to advanced microsystems technology. We offer flexible and tailored solutions starting from single units and personal service to meet your specific challenges.

5microns has established itself as a competent partner in the research and development of microsystem technologies and specializes in developing custom microsystems on behalf of clients. Through our collaboration with TU Ilmenau in research projects, we are at the forefront of know-how and technology.

Yes, 5microns is an expert in developing customized microsystems for a wide range of industrial applications. Our team works closely with you to develop solutions precisely tailored to your requirements.

No, using the cleanroom at the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies enables 5microns—and therefore you—to access state-of-the-art cleanroom technology. Our close cooperation with the ZMN, based on a cooperation and employee secondment agreement, guarantees the highest confidentiality, IP protection, and compliance with safety standards.

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