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Micropump without mechanical components

E-PunCh is revolutionizing microfluidics as a genuine chip-integrated micropump, developed by 5microns. This innovative solution is coping without mechanically moving parts and utilizes the EWOD (Electrowetting On Dielectrics) effect for the precise dosing of minute amounts of liquid.

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Patented Micropump

Chip-Integrated, Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

5microns introduces E-PunCh (“Electrowetting-Pump-on-a-chip”), a revolutionary alternative to traditional micropumps. E-PunCh is based on the EWOD (Electrowetting On Dielectrics) effect and operates entirely without mechanical moving components. E-PunCh is the ideal solution for all applications requiring precise dosing and the conveyance of the smallest quantities of aqueous fluids.

Say goodbye to mechanical pistons, moving membranes, and flap valves. In E-PunCh, the liquid itself does the pumping work. Our innovative micropump functions without mechanical parts such as valves or membranes. Relying on the EWOD effect, the liquid itself moves within hundreds of thousands of small cavities, enabling the precise dosing of the tiniest liquid volumes.

At a Glance
  • E-PunCh enables the precise dosing of minute quantities of aqueous liquids
  • Ideal for applications in medical technology, food industry, cell cultivation, and sample collection
  • Both integration into existing microfluidic chips or operation as an OEM system is possible
  • Based on the EWOD effect, in E-PunCh, the liquid itself performs the pumping work
  • E-PunCh operates without moving mechanical parts, thus it is wear-free

Micropump Based on the EWOD Effect

In Electrowetting-on-Dielectric (EWOD), a dielectric layer, i.e. an electrically insulating layer, is placed between the conductive housing of the micropump and the aqueous liquid to be pumped. This configuration allows for an electrical voltage to be applied between the liquid and the pump housing without causing electrolysis. Applying the voltage leads to the deflection of the liquid meniscus into small cavities structured on the surface of the pump chamber. When operated with an alternating current, a periodic volume stroke occurs in the pump chamber. This is rectified by channel-integrated passive microvalves – so-called Tesla diodes – creating the pumping action.

Micropump Without Mechanical Parts

The chip-integrated, energy-efficient, and cost-effective micropump E-PunCh operates entirely without mechanical components such as valves and membranes. Based on the EWOD effect, in E-PunCh, the liquid itself does the pumping work, moving within hundreds of thousands of small cavities. This patented design allows for the highly precise dosing of minute quantities of aqueous fluids, for example, flow rates < 0.5 µl/s at differential pressures < 50 kPa.

Micropumps Customized for You

We are happy to evaluate the use of our micropump E-PunCh in your application together with you. We are your reliable partner for tailor-made solutions. From conception to manufacturing, we provide comprehensive support. Our experts work with you for your success.

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Wide Range of Applications

With E-PunCh, numerous new application areas can be addressed. The complete absence of moving mechanical components in the micropump eliminates dead volume. Cells present in the fluid to be pumped are subject to minimal mechanical stress compared to passage through membrane or flap valves. This makes the micropump ideally suited for use in pipetting robots, droplet dosing devices, etc., for medical technology, the food industry, cell cultivation, or sample collection.

As Individual as Your Application

E-PunCh is completely manufactured at wafer level using microsystems technology. Thus, it can be integrated into existing microfluidic chips or operated as a stand-alone system, with the possibility of combining it with other integrated sensors (LoC – Lab-on-Chip). We are happy to customize the design of the micropump for your specific application. Contact us for a detailed product demonstration.

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Innovative solutions, technical expertise, and comprehensive support – 5microns is your reliable partner for microsystem technologies. Contact us to work together on tailor-made solutions for your specific requirements.

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E-PunCh revolutionizes microfluidics with a unique, patented approach: By eschewing mechanical components such as pistons, membranes, or valves and utilizing the EWOD (Electrowetting On Dielectrics) effect, this micropump enables the precise dosing of the smallest liquid volumes. E-PunCh has no dead volume and uses the liquid to be pumped itself as the actuator. E-PunCh besitzt kein Totvolumen und nutzt die zu pumpende Flüssigkeit selbst als Aktor.

The reliance on the EWOD effect makes E-PunCh an energy-efficient solution. Compared to conventional micropumps, E-PunCh is fully integrated and manufactured at the wafer level. This eliminates the costs for complex assembly steps or the integration of external actuators.

E-PunCh is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, from medical technology and food industry to cell cultivation and sampling. Its ability to precisely dose minute amounts makes it the perfect choice for advanced research and production environments. We look forward to learning about your application!

Yes, E-PunCh is designed to be flexibly integrated into existing microfluidic chips or operated as a standalone OEM system. Compatibility with Lab-on-Chip technologies and manufacturing based on standard silicon microtechnologies allows for seamless integration into a variety of applications.

Our team works in close collaboration with our customers to develop custom solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. Contact us for a detailed product demonstration and to discuss how E-PunCh can be customized for your application.

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