E-PunCh – innovative micropump without mechanical components

With E-PunCh, 5microns GmbH presents the first true micropump. The chip-integrated, energy-efficient and cost-effective innovation is patented and operates without any mechanical components.

  • without flaps & membranes
  • Chip-integrated or OEM
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective

What is so special about E-PunCh?

With E-PunCh (“Electrowetting-Pump-on-a-chip”), 5microns GmbH has developed an alternative to conventional micropumps.

E-PunCh can be considered the first real micropump and is based on the EWOD effect (Electrowetting On Dielectrics).

This innovative pump has no moving mechanical components.

Instead of mechanical pistons or membranes, the liquid itself does the pumping work in this micropump.

The volume stroke is generated by the movement of the liquid surface within thousands of small cavities – analogous to the movement of a piston in a reciprocating pump.

This video is currently only available in German.

How can E-PunCh be used?

Numerous new fields of application can be addressed with the novel micropump. Some of them are taken up here by means of examples. Many other applications become imaginable with this novel solution.

E-PunCh is the first true micropump: it can be manufactured entirely at wafer level and enables highly precise dosing of the smallest quantities of water-based liquids (volume flows < 0.5 µl/s at differential pressures < 50 kPa).

As there are no moving mechanical components, the micropump has no dead volume. The liquid does not pass any cutting edges or sharp edges, etc.

Cells in the pumping liquid are only exposed to low mechanical forces.

This predestines the micropump for use in pipetting robots, automatic drop dispensers, etc. for medical technology, the food industry, cell cultivation or sampling.

E-PunCh can be manufactured entirely at wafer level using microtechnologies. This means that it can be integrated into existing microfluidic chips or operated as a stand-alone system, with the possibility of combining it with other integrated sensors (LoC – Lab-on-Chip).

With pleasure we adapt the design of the micropump for your individual application purpose. Contact us for a detailed product demonstration.

5microns is your MEMS specialist

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We accompany you from the initial consultation, through prototype or small series production, to the transfer to large series production or the establishment of your own production resources. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support for your project. Please contact us for the joint development of concepts to solve your specific problem.

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Managing Director

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