We like to party. But when?

Originally, we would have celebrated the sixth birthday of 5microns with our friends, customers, partners and families. And would now be heading towards our beloved spring party. But sadly a pandemic interrupted our plans.

But we won’t let that stop us from having some fun. Therefore we would like to enjoy some of our memories from our last spring party on 2019-Jun-27 with you.

In the “auftakt.basis” including the outdoor area and in the last two years even with a party tent we celebrated in a relaxed and cheerful manner. Thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and the diverse mix of guests, our spring party was very popular among young and old.

Unfortunately, the current circumstances do not allow such a party to take place.  We are continuously checking whether and when there could be a party this year as well. We will see whether it will be more of a “midsummer”, an “autumn festival” or a “mulled wine evening”. Apart from a lot of fun, the health and safety of all guests is our highest concern.

Posted on May 31, 2020 in Events, General

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