SCMP & CBM: 5microns contributes to conferences on practical microfluidics at TU Ilmenau

Over the last decades, microfluidics has been one of the research areas that has attracted particular interest. This is because research in microfluidics has led to solutions that are now used in biological, chemical and medical applications.

In March, 5microns is participating in two microfluidics conferences at the TU Ilmenau. Among other things, 5microns will present its innovative product E-PunCh to the participants: The chip-integrated, energy-efficient and cost-effective micropump does not require any mechanical components.

SCPM: 2nd Short Course on Practical Microfluidics

The 2nd Short Course on Practical Microfluidics will be held on 7-8 March 2022. The aim of the course is to provide as practical an introduction as possible to microfluidics and the often astonishing phenomena that distinguish flow physics from the macroscopic world in many microscopic situations.

In his contribution, Lars Dittrich will give an overview of different fabrication techniques and possible chip designs for microfluidic applications. The theoretical content of the course will be complemented by practicals in which participants will be able to gain their own initial experience with flow field measurement techniques, build their own chips using soft lithography, learn about data processing and have the opportunity to carry out laboratory work in the field of microfluidics. In this context, Thomas Handte will demonstrate UV-based nanoimprint lithography with soft stamps (Soft UV-NIL) in the clean room laboratory of the ZMN. During the course, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the TU Ilmenau’s Centre for Micro- and Nanotechnologies with 1,200 m² of cleanroom space.

The course is aimed at doctoral students, scientists and industrial researchers who want to familiarise themselves with the diverse possibilities of microfluidics.

CBM: 11th Workshop on Chemical and Biological Microlaboratory Technology

From 8 to 10 March 2022, the now 11th Workshop for Chemical and Biological Microlaboratory Technology will take place in Ilmenau.

The workshop aims to bring together leading academic scientists and researchers and provide a space for the exchange of experiences and research results on microfluidics as well as related disciplines.

Since 2010, the workshop has offered an interdisciplinary platform in a cosy atmosphere near the Thuringian Forest. Sebastian Bohm will participate in the workshop with a presentation on the measurement of passive microfluidic Tesla valves.

Further information on the event can be found here on the TU Ilmenau website.

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