• Sputtering of metal films
    (Al, AlSi, Au, Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, Pt, Ti, WTi etc.)
  • Evaporation of metal films
    (Al, Au, Cr, Ni, Ti etc.)
  • Reactive sputtering of aluminium nitride
  • Thermal oxidation of silicon
  • Chemical vapor deposition of thin films
    (SiO2, Si3N4, SiON, α-Si, DLC)

Metal electrodes on silicon substrate
UV lithography on silicon substrate


  • Resist deposition: spin, spray and dip coating, dry resists
  • Materials: negative and positive resists, SU-8, polyimide
  • Wafer dimensions: 2, 3, 4 inch
    (other substrates and chip level on request)


  • Reactive ion etching of thin films
    (Si, SiO2, Si3N4, W, Mo, a-Si)
  • Deep reactive ion etching of silicon and silicon dioxide / glass
  • Anisotropic wet etching of silicon
  • Isotropic wet etching of silicon and silicon dioxide / glass
  • Wet etching of metal films
    (Al, Au, Cr, Mo, Ni, Ti, W, ITO)
  • HF vapor etching of silicon dioxide

Test structures for quantifying underetch
Mounting of 3-axial magnetic sensor

Assembling and Packaging

  • Wire bonding utilizing gold and aluminium wires
  • Separation techniques for microsystems (etching, wafer dicing, breaking)
  • Anodic bonding of silicon with borofloat
  • Assembling of silicon chips (positioning, gluing, heating, contacting, soldering, encapsulation)
  • Encapsulation form for PDMS
  • Silicon embossing stamps for LTCC tapes
  • 3D printing of parts and fixtures for experimental setups


  • Standard cleanings: RCA 1, RCA 2, JTB-111, piranha, solvent-based procedures etc.
  • HF-Dip

Cleaning of silicon wafers in water bath
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