SCMP & CBM: 5microns contributes to conferences on practical microfluidics at TU Ilmenau

Over the last decades, microfluidics has been one of the research areas that has attracted particular interest. This is because research in microfluidics has led to solutions that are now used in biological, chemical and medical applications. In March, 5microns is participating in two microfluidics conferences at the TU Ilmenau. Among other things, 5microns will…

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Our commitment to education & democracy

5microns participates in the reading sponsorship campaign of the Mediengruppe Thüringen and provides young students of the Staatliche Regelschule Gräfinau-Angstedt with two daily newspapers. Since November 2021, Mediengruppe Thüringen has been supplying 2 newspaper copies per day to the Staatliche Regelschule Gräfinau-Angstedt in Ilmenau on behalf of 5microns. With this commitment 5microns supports the education…

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5microns wishes a Merry Christmas and donates to the Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland

Another year with many ups and downs is almost over. Time to switch down a gear or two and enjoy a few reflective days in the circles of the family. Since 5microns GmbH was founded, it has become a nice tradition not to send postal Christmas greetings to customers, partners and friends. Instead, we have…

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5microns is a founding member of SensorikNet e.V. – a new network for developers, manufacturers and users of sensors and microelectronics.

Sensors play a key role not only in monitoring physical, biological and chemical parameters, but also in revolutionary changes in manufacturing processes, automation technology and our everyday world. Sensors are key elements of digitalisation. Sensors, sensor components and sensor systems are developed and produced by numerous suppliers in Thuringia. With their versatile technology, product and…

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5microns at MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2021

5microns GmbH, which designs, develops, characterizes and manufactures microsystems from the idea to series production, will be represented with four contributions at the MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2021 in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart from 8th to 10th November 2021. We are delighted to participate in this important industry meeting with four contributions this year. 5microns will present the patented micropump…

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NIL INDUSTRIAL DAY 2021: Presentation on Application possibilities of Soft UV-NIL by 5microns

We are honored to announce that 5microns will be part of this year’s NIL INDUSTRIAL DAY 2021! The leading summit for nanoimprint lithography will take place in a digital format on June 22 and 23, 2021. Part of the program is a presentation given by our colleague Thomas Handte entitled: “Application possibilities of Soft UV-NIL: From…

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5microns wishes you a wonderful Christmas time

A truly outstanding and somewhat chaotic year is about to come to an end. It is finally time to slow down and enjoy a few relaxing days in the closest circle of the family. As in previous years, we have decided not to send postal Christmas greetings in 2020. Instead, we have donated the money we…

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Our Employee Thomas Handte was honoured with the “Förderpreis Maschinenbau” Award

The Association for the promotion of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Precision Engineering of the Technical University of Ilmenau has honoured our employee Thomas Handte with the sponsorship award “Förderpreis Maschinenbau” for his master thesis. Thomas Handte wrote his master’s thesis about “Microtechnical sensor for the detection of radiation-induced pressure surges”. The master’s thesis…

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We like to party. But when?

Originally, we would have celebrated the sixth birthday of 5microns with our friends, customers, partners and families. And would now be heading towards our beloved spring party. But sadly a pandemic interrupted our plans. → More information

Mouth and nose covers for our team

5microns has equipped its team with reusable mouth and nose covers for private and professional use. → More information

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