We like to party. But when?

Originally, we would have celebrated the sixth birthday of 5microns with our friends, customers, partners and families. And would now be heading towards our beloved spring party. But sadly a pandemic interrupted our plans. → More information

Mouth and nose covers for our team

5microns has equipped its team with reusable mouth and nose covers for private and professional use. → More information

We wish you a happy Easter and are pleased to continue our work in the usual manner.

The 5microns team wishes you and your loved ones a happy Easter, even in these unusual times. We would like to take this Easter greeting as an opportunity to inform you about the consequences of the Corona Crisis for 5microns.  → More information

Paper Electrostatic Microsensor

5microns GmbH has released a paper concerning a current development project. The paper was published at MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2017 and describes an electrostatic sensor for measurement of homogenous binary mixtures. The measurement of the concentration of ethanol in water was introduced as exemplary application. → More information

Announcement: Short course on Practical Microfluidics

From March 11th to March 15th, 2019 the interdisciplinary Short course on Practical Microfluidics will take place at the Technische Universität Ilmenau. Lars Dittrich, CEO of 5microns, is happy to contribute a lecture as well as a hands-on training, both dealing with basic fabrication technologies for microfluidic chips. Details on topics, course fee, schedule, lecturers…

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White Paper MEMS Tensiometer

5microns GmbH has published a White Paper concerning a current development project. The paper describes a MEMS tensiometer which is suitable for surface tension measurement of very small fluid volumes. Crucial advantages of the system are the high absolute and repeatability accuracy, the short measurement time, the fully automated and cost-effective measurement arrangement and the broad measurement range. →…

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Industry Innovation Discussion

5microns joined the first industry innovation discussion, organized by the LEG Thüringen, on 15th Febuary 2017. During the meeting companies and research institutes discussed about future cooperation’s and possibilities to support them. Lars Dittrich presented the 5microns GmbH and gave some issues about the cooperation with the TU Ilmenau and other research institutes.

Economic trade mission “Meet The Dutch”

The 5microns GmbH joined the economic trade mission “Meet The Dutch” on 8th February 2017. During the meeting, companies from the Netherlands and Thuringia came together in order to extend their European network. We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with our new partners from the Netherlands.

5microns is newest member of IMAPS Deutschland e.V.

In order to flourisch as a R&D service provider and system developer, one has to permanently add new methods and tools to the portfolio. Which innovations are relevant is best learnt in conversation with other professionals. Hence, we are glad to be the newest member of IMAPS Germany e.V. IMAPS stands for dialogue in the…

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5microns is new member of Initiative Erfurter Kreuz e.V.

With the aim to improve its regional network the 5microns GmbH has become a member of the Initiative Erfurter Kreuz e.V. The industrial zone “Erfurter Kreuz”, together with the commercial and industrial zones of Thörey, Arnstadt Nord and Rudisleben forms an industrial site with approx. 6 km², of which a total of more than 8,000…

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